Savor Shasta

Tessa, Alexis, and Sam Borquez are the people behind Alacrity Destination Services which includes Savor Shasta. The company works to facilitate any needs a group may have in and around Shasta County. So, people coming to the area for business or group recreation will benefit from having locals help with the planning and logistics involved in trips to the North State.

Tessa and Alexis on campus.

Our Experience.

With twenty years of working in Northern California hotels, Tessa has taken her skillset and started to work with groups on her own. Using the network fostered in Shasta as well as contacts from all over the country she can draw on experts from various organizations benefiting any group coming to the area. Sam spent almost thirty years in hospitality and business management. All of those years behind a camera documenting the things he saw. Alexis, daughter, and one-third of the company is currently attending law school. Alexis’s role is administrative at this time.

We know people you want to know.

Tessa, Alexis, and Sam count on the network of experts they have relationships with to assist anyone coming into the area. That means, if you need help requiring specialized skills they can assist with finding a local professional to help.

Both Sam and Tessa moved around a lot growing up, between them they have lived on both coasts and in nine states. They know what is involved with learning about a new area. Until moving to Redding, they lived in Santa Rosa for over twenty years. Raising a family in the Sonoma County Wine Country has given them a relaxed but professional attitude towards getting the job done while having a little fun at the same time.

Savor Shasta and Alacrity are the same company doing different things.

Savor Shasta Instagram and the articles on this blog are part of Alacrity Destinations Services. We use these tools to highlight the businesses and activities visitors to our area would enjoy or benefit from. We are not a marketing company. The businesses and activities we highlight are ones we would recommend to friends visiting the area. If you have a local business or know one that could use some of our attention please let us know. We are always looking to expand our network of professionals in the area.

We love to get out and play. Follow us on Instagram to go along on our adventures.

Tessa and Sam in Old Shasta

Alacrity Destinations handles group travel needs, business organization needs and can assist with the many daily tasks local businesses have. Reach out to learn more.